Giacomelli management, investment and advisory, Ltd

Giacomelli management (Gm) is a knowledge company, founded in 2023 and created to support a continuous development of projects and partnerships devoted to creating and sustaining value through excellence in innovation and investing by promoting, sustainability and principles of circularity.

Gm is a parent company of META Circularity, founded in 2012 as Giacomelli Media Ltd.

We focus on change. We help change happen by contextualising it, positioning all stakeholders in their relevant roles.

We help create and transform business models towards a higher degree of sustainability and circularity. We act as an advisory, as a management company and as a co-investor pursuing long-term relationship with our clients and partners.

Assuring progress is the core value of our endeavour. We cherish the ability to undertake responsibility pertaining to individual‘s sole in an organisation, transparency and respect. Understanding identities represents our continuous inspiration leading us through business cooperation as much as towards a greater societal integration and cohesion.

Our services

Strategic advisory 

We provide our clients with:

– Stakeholder mapping and management
– Identification of materiality topics
– Sustainability strategy development
– Sustainability reporting concept
– Organising internal workshops on sustainability topics
– Adoption of the GRI standards
– Organising internal data collection
– Design and communicating sustainability
– Stakeholder analysis and mapping
– Stakeholder relationship management

Why choose CBA?

– Learn from and exchange knowledge and skills directly with leading experts and practitioners of the circular economy
– New growth opportunities of the circular economy
– Circular portfolio analysis and circular self-assessment
– Complete toolkit for a circular transformation
– Practical guidelines and assistance towards a circular transformation
– Understanding the nature of financing and options for circular models

We provide our clients with:

– Support in translating research into innovation
– Developing dissemination and exploitation strategies
– Organising exploitation strategy seminars
– Raising awareness on exploitation possibilities
– Setting-up road-maps for the long-term effect of the results
– Analysis of Exploitation Risks
– Exploitation Strategy Seminar
– Organising pitching events

Contact info

Giacomelli management, investment and advisory, Ltd

Seat: Kersnikova ulica 12, 1000 Ljubljana
Office: Trdinova ulica 9, 1000 Ljubljana
Registration number: 9330038000
VAT No.: SI 88485684
Bank account: SI 56 1010 0006 0726 748
Intesa Sanpaolo Bank, Pristaniška ulica 14, 6502 Koper-Capodistria, Slovenia
Founder and managing director: Jurij Giacomelli
Phone: +386 41 697 635